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This April, 2017 at SKYE Art Gallery, Las Vegas I'll be showcasing some of my new exclusive art .
Including a small collection of hand-painted artwork  for the first time ever in the US!

So, leave the poker table, down your Martini and head up to the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace.
You won't be disappointed!

For more information email

SUPER SECRET FASHION SHOW- featuring some of Earth's mightiest Heroes.

Imagine a Fashion Show featuring the world's top supermodels but also featuring some of Earth's most fabulous heroes! This is the concept that sprang from Brasileiro Beto Durante who commissioned me to do this piece. One that I wanted to get around doing for a few years
now (Mary Jane and Zatanna I had designed already with this in mind) but other work and projects got in the way. Anyhoo, enough of that. Here's the finished result... and who knows, maybe I'll get around to designing them all ON STAGE in their outfits some day.

Superman by Des Taylor


(Begin John Williams fanfare)

Murdock and Walters. She-Hulk and Daredevil by Des Taylor

What a great team-up this would be in comics and on-screen.

Cap and Peggy Carter By Des Taylor

Taking time out..for a quick snog outside the motor pool!

Harley and Ivy in- " Can we borrow a cup of sugar?" By Des Taylor

Scarlett Couture's Official Blog page

Check out all the news, photos and artwork for my Scarlett Couture project over on her own blog page. At last, you'll be able to see the thought process and the journey towards creating the next chapter -THE MUNICH FILE!

Check out the link here at SCARLET COUTURE BLOG PAGE

Scarlett Couture- New Look, New Cover Girl. Jordan Gwynn Colton

After the release of Scarlett Couture the Collected Edition I had already been thinking about the follow-up book and how to make the character fresh again. Whilst watching Rosie Huntington-Whiteley strut her stuff on the Victoria's Secret catwalk it dawned on me to give Scarlett a completely new look.

Why change her from a red-head to a strawberry blonde? My thought process was that women change their hair color whenever they get bored of it, so why wouldn't Scarlett. Also, whilst standing at Euston Platform 9 one Friday evening I noticed groups of girls heading down the platform for a night out. The majority were blonde or brunette and barely raised a glance but one redhead appeared out of nowhere and most people stared as she walked past.

As the original model Viktoria moved to Holland (and got some impressive tattoos done) I called on a long-time friend of mine and asked if she fancied taking up the mantle. LA model Jordan Gwynn Colton.
As Ricky Claydon at Titan put it " There's more than one Lara Croft model. Scarlett can be the same"
 When Jordan told me she was thinking about changing her hair color from brunette to blonde I could not believe it! Lucky times!!

Once I got her onboard the next thing was to get a cracking photographer (remembering what happened with the first series cover) and called upon hot Pin-Up photographer Chris Gomez to do a series of test shoots that blew me away.

I look forward to sharing some of these shots with you but for now- meet the sweetheart that is Jordan.
And check out Scarlett's new look.

A bit of Xmas cheer! "Goodwill Drinks At Starks"- By Des Taylor.

At the beginning of this month, I was commissioned by client Richard Young to illustrate a group of Earth's finest heroes coming together for a couple of celebratory drinks. Although the clock was against me to get it done before Xmas (especially with all the other stuff I have going on at the moment) I got stuck in. 
One, because I loved his brief (still chuckling at the thought of it all kicking off with Giant-Man and Green Lantern) and two, I thought the idea of superheroes coming together as friends after beating each other up in comics and on-screen was rather refreshing (even though Green Lantern is probably gonna get a large slap in this picture). I mean come on, how are the public gonna trust this lot if they're always at each other's throats? 
Anyhoo...I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of my friends, followers, clients and customers for making this year memorable. I've been all over the planet and back and ... now I'm tired.

So on that not I'll say Happy Xmas. Drink be merry and remember, if you like it, do it. If you don't like it, do it till you like it!

Christian Slater! (Later)